Master Automation Testing with Selenium By Abhresh Sugandhi


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  • Core Java programming concepts.
  • Basic knowledge of Eclipse.
  • Basics of Manual Testing.
  • Basics knowledge of HTML, CSS, XML (preferable).


  • Automation Testing
  • Need of Automation Testing
  • Selenium Introduction
  • History of Selenium
  • Selenium suite overview
  • WebDriver API understanding and use

System Preparation:

  • Installation of
    • Java
    • Eclipse
  • Configuration of
    • Java
    • Eclipse
    • Selenium

Practical Hands-On with WebDriver

  • Automated Web Browser
  • Basic Selenium Commands
  • Automate Web Application using Selenium
  • Various Techniques to locate Elements
  • Handling various Web Elements of a Webpage
    • Text Box
    • Button
    • Radio Button
    • Check Box
    • Link
  • Synchronizing the flow of Automation Execution
  • Validation of Elements
  • Handling and understanding the purpose of various classes and methods in Selenium API
    • Select
    • Actions
    • Switch
    • Keys
    • JavaScript executor
    • Get screenshot
    • Date Picker

Practical Hands-On with TestNG

  • Introduction to TestNG
  • Why TestNG is useful
  • Various Features of TestNG with Hand-On examples
    • Annotation
    • Sequencing
    • Prioritization
    • Dependency
    • Grouping
    • Parameterization
    • Cross browser
    • Parallel Execution

Practical Hands-On with IDE

  • Introduction to IDE
  • Creating test cases using record feature
  • Testing the recorded steps with various execution speed
  • Customizing the recorded steps with editing and adding new steps
  • Exporting test cases

Practical Hands-On with GRID

  • Introduction to GRID
  • Understanding the various Classes that are required by GRID
  • Performing the Local Setup process
  • Understanding the modifications required in WebDriver scripts to run with GRID
  • Working with Executing Test Cases with-in local machines.

Practical Hands-On with Project Handling

  • Page Object Model Designing Pattern
  • Data Driven Framework
  • Behaviour Driven Framework with Cucumber
  • Hybrid Framework

Live Project Execution – Independently

  • Introduction to the project and requirements
  • Timeline and guidelines to complete the project