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A complete guide to Automation Testing with Selenium including Hybrid Framework and real project with/without stipend

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Wanted to enter IT industry but no technical background and don't know from where to gain the knowledge and expertise to work with projects

I will be your guide in this course. Step-by-step as you learn and master Automation Testing with Selenium

Learn from Scratch

Upgrade your Skills

Master Automation Framework

Learning Evaluations

Timely learning evaluation practice examples to help analyse the knowledge gained

Real Projects

Real projects for better enhancement of your knowledge


Get your questions addressed and networking with fellow learners.

30+ Hours

Approximately 120 mins of live learning with exercises every day.

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A complete in-depth practical exposure to Selenium with agile based selenium and cucumber hybrid framework.
You will learn smart tricks and tips to automation testing with Selenium.

Simplified learning

I will train you with simplified way to master selenium

Access to Live Session

I will train you live where you will be able to get your queries resolved live right within the session

Digital ebook

I will give you a free quick revision guide to selenium

Real project with/without stipend

I am going to give you a short real project internship where you will create automation scripts for my clients.

In-person Session

(Best value)


Live training conducted with real time examples to master selenium for web automation testing and gain great confidence in building the capabilities to create hybrid framework from scratch and use it for your project needs.


Abhresh Sugandhi

Corporate Trainer | Consultant

I have a decade of experience in technical training blended with virtual webinars and instructor-led sessions. I have taken up more than 350 batches and have trained 10,000+ learners in various Automation and DevOps tools. I have developed 45+ LMS-based Courses, 12 Text tutorials, 200+ Articles for corporate clients, and have 60+ published articles for public access. I have been engaged with multiple e-learning Platforms and have been awarded a Star Consultant.

Keep Learning! Keep Practicing! Keep Implementing!

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What learners Have to Say

Abhresh is one of the finest Educators, mentors, human being, I have ever come across. He inspired in me a passion for learning and made me feel like I could ask him anything. He always had the patience for my questions and knew just how to explain the answers. I bow down to his knowledge and excellence in the field of IT. His passion for teaching and dedication for his learners is obvious in everything he does. I feel so lucky to have been put into a course well taught by him. @Abhresh... I hope you know the priceless impact you are making in so many lives. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND ABHRESH 👍

Pooja Maharaja

I had enrolled in an online live Selenium certification course on a Learning Management system contractor and was lucky to have Abhresh as my instructor. With my limited to no practical skills in programing JAVA, I thought the course would be challenging; but Mr. Abhresh made my learning experience very smooth and manageable. With his expertise about the subject and his unique teaching approach, I was able to absorb the complex topic. Abhresh was patient, flexible and provided simple anecdotal examples making complex topics easy to understand. I highly recommend him for Way to go team Abhresh. Thank you for making my learning journey relaxing.

Ndeye Traore

One of the best training professionals with immense knowledge in test automation. His hands-on approach to automation training, motivational speaking & consulting and above all, his powerful personality won him the respect of all his trainees. He works with a very positive attitude. He is dedicated, self-motivated, methodical and very capable. It was a great learning experience to attend his Selenium training. His way of training is highly appreciable and admirable.

Sharan Paul

Abhresh is a very kind and patient instructor cum IT trainer. He possesses very good technical skills and his explanation of concepts diagrammatically is really an add-on. His diagrammatic approach helps to understand complex technical things very easily and clearly. He always relates back the explanation to the drawings which he used to explain the basic core concepts. This makes him distinguished from others. He knows when and where to stop students from asking questions. He doesn't ignore anyone this way, but he tries to drive his course curriculum to the end and he knows that question will be answered automatically. I personally feel, his approach is one of the best to deliver online courses.

Alok Kumar Naik

I have taken training with Abhresh. It has been a great learning experience; I highly recommend him to all the people who are new to Selenium and to enroll into his training sessions for great learning experience. He makes sure that we understand the concept before moving on to the next topic. I admire his way of teaching.

Sonia Masuta

I was looking to upgrade myself in Automation testing in Selenium and heard of this wonderful trainer whose name is Abhresh Sugandhi. I did not actually know his way of training and nor was familiar with his approach towards training. But my motive was to upgrade myself in Selenium so I joined. Once I started attending his training, I went on getting comfortable with his approach of training and providing guidance. During the training I have had many opportunities to ask questions to him to clarify my queries and Abhresh never dissatisfy me. I always got the answer to my query. I must say, he has an exceptional flair of delivering training and he trains from his heart. Once can see that passion in him towards training. He delivered all his sessions with same passion, enthusiasm and dedication which actually made everyone really comfortable and easy to understand him.

Mihir Mehta

I was willing to get deep learning of Selenium Automation. Abhresh is one of the best trainers. He is one of the most dedicated professionals I’ve worked with and is willing to put that extra help in clearing out your concepts and doubts. His expertise as a Automation Trainer is considerable, and it helped me a lot to groom myself. His contribution is valuable and his Guru Mantra "Keep Learning, Keep Practicing" is very effective. I highly recommend Abhresh and would love to work with him again.

Priyanka Zade

Abhresh is one of the most dedicated professionals I’ve worked with and is willing to go the extra mile to help you when needed. His expertise as Corporate Technical Trainer is considerable, and it helped our team to come up with good number of Blogs and develop quality content. He is always very committed and focused on delivering on time. His contributions are really valuable to the community. I highly recommend Abhresh as a Subject Matter Expert and would love to work together again.

Dibyata Nanda

I have seldom come across a trainer who goes above and beyond to ensure each and everyone in his session understands the problem and its solution and Abreesh is among them. He has great knowledge and a solid technique to make sure people understand the concepts with perfect pacing. Fortunate that I was part of his lecture and really helped me with gaining a good knowledge of the subject.

Pratik Suvarna

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