Master Git and GitHub —
A Complete Guide with Abhresh Sugandhi

What you'll get inside:

Learning Evaluations

Timely learning evaluation practice examples to help analyse the knowledge gained

Real Projects

Real projects for better enhancement of knowledge


Get your questions addressed and networking with fellow learners

24+ Hours

Approximately 120min of live learning with exercises every day.

Additional value:

Simplified Learning

I will train you with simplified way to master selenium

Access to Live Session

I will train you live where you will be able to get your queries resolved live right within the session

Digital Cheat Sheet

I will give you a free quick revision guide to remember commands

Real Project

I am going to give you a short real project internship where you will utilize all that you have learned

In this course I will make you an expert on selenium and will give you real life tricks to use selenium.

Here I am going to train you not only to automate web application for testing but also how you can automate your routine boring task with selenium.

  • Basics Linux commands would be preferable.

  • Introduction to Git
  • History of Git
  • Introduction to Version Controlling System (VCS)
  • Understanding various VCS
    • Local
    • Central
    • Distributed
  • Difference between Central and Distributed VCS
  • Features of Git
  • Introduction to GitHub
  • Feature of GitHub
  • Difference between Git and GitHub
  • Understanding the three-tier architecture of Git

  • Installation of
    • Git
  • Configuration of
    • User Configuration
  • GitHub Account Creation

  • Initialize Git Repo
  • Recording the changes with Git using Commit command
  • Connecting GitHub to local Git repo
  • Pushing the changes to GitHub
  • Checking the log records of commits
  • Updating the changes using Amend command
  • Updating the changes with new commit
  • Verifying the changes with old vs new changes using diff command
  • Modifying the file/branch name
  • Ignoring unwanted files and folders from Git Tracking
  • Keeping incomplete working files to safe custody
  • Undoing anything in Git using clean, rm, reset, revert
  • Separating your work using Branch and working with branches
  • Compiling your work from various branches to one using Merging and rebasing
  • Solving conflicts while working with merge and rebase process.

  • Understanding the Naming Conventions
  • Branching Strategy followed in real world environment.
  • A project where we will perform various steps to complete a task. This project will cover majority of the concepts of Git and GitHub with real life Git Workflow experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have purchased the course the session details will be shared to you within 48 hours.

You will be shared a group link where you can be a part of it, but it is not a compulsion.

To learn Selenium a person must know few basics of:

  1. Basic handling of Eclipse
  2. Basic Core Java
  3. Basics of Manual Testing

But here I am offering a free ebook to cover the above topics which you can refer before joining the live class.

Cancellation is allowed only after proper intimation over the email with the reason for cancellation.

Certification will be issues but only after completion of the final certification project.

I have worked with Abhresh for multiple training deliveries, and Abhresh is one of the best trainers I have worked with. I highly recommend his expertise on selenium and Git-GitHub. He is one of the most dedicated professionals I’ve worked with.

Poonam Yadav

Excellent trainer, any lay people or non technical people can grab the knowledge very very easily, hence i recommend you service to my friends

Irudaya Raj John YR

Abhresh is great trainer. He goes above and beyond to ensure each and everyone in his session understands the problem and its solution. He has great combination of patience and research skill.

Jyoti Mishra

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